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Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks

Stretch Marks appear as red, purple or white strips on the skin, which emerge when part of the body expands or reduces in size more quickly than the skin, which covers it e.g., during pregnancy.

Stretch Marks occur when connective tissue under the skin ruptures as the result of the abdomen increasing in size. In pregnancy, Stretch Marks most commonly appear on the lower abdomen, although they may appear on the breasts and thighs.
Stretch Marks begin as reddish or pink marks, but fade to a white colour within about 6 months after delivery of your baby.
Stretch Marks develop in more than 90% of women who are pregnant, usually in the sixth and seventh months of pregnancy.

Always consult your Doctor for diagnosis and advice. In no way is this information intended to replace the advice of a registered medical practitioner.
There are products that can be applied to the abdomen or other areas that might be affected by Stretch Marks during pregnancy. There are also products that can be used to fade the Stretch Marks, although some silvery/whitish discolouration will remain.

• Ensure that your diet contains enough zinc. Zinc is involved in the formation of collagen, which supports connective tissue. Good sources of zinc are oysters (highest level in foods), herring, kelp, seafood, beef, liver, wheat germ, rolled oats porridge, ginger, pumpkin seeds and yeast.
• Essential fatty acids are important for healthy skin. Good sources of essential fatty acids are fish oils, evening primrose oil and flaxseed oil.
• Vitamin E is important for healthy skin. Foods that are rich in vitamin E include vegetable oils and seed oils, including soybean, safflower and corn oils; sunflower seeds; nuts; whole grains and wheat germ.

Ask your MedAux Pharmacist for advice.
1. Products containing cocoa butter, vitamin E, collagen and/or elastin can moisturise, soften and increase skin's elasticity.
2. Aloe Vera, lanolin oil, almond oil, cocoa butter or vitamin E lotions or gels can be massaged into the abdomen and breasts twice a day to help prevent Stretch Marks.

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