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Clinical Retail Pharmacy Internship

Do you want to work or start your own Retail Pharmacy which is one of its kind in India and have passion for retail pharmacy? If so, you’re going to need the skills and relevant work experience to get your foot in the door of your journey to become an employee of MedAux Pharmacy or a proud owner of our franchise in the future.

We take great pride in nurturing the up‐and‐coming Clinical Retail Pharmacist and Pharmacy Entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Through our hands‐on, six months Pharmacist Internship program, Pharmacy graduates can look forward for an opportunity to work alongside a unique retail pharmacy in India that has developed Personalised Multilingual Labelling of medications for the customers along with Professional Counseling on its usage & management and prevention of the specific medical condition.

EXPERIENCE YOU WILL GAIN. Unlike internships at other organizations, Pharmacist trained here will develop clinical & counselling skills which will help them understand many Community based health conditions as well as chronic medical conditions along with their treatment protocols (Within the scope of Pharmacy Practice as per PPR2015). Using our uniquely designed software they will learn developing Medication Profile Generation, Dose Help System, Labelling and learn the business of Retail Pharmacy operations.


Qualifications: Only those young budding Pharmacist who are very keen in working in a retail pharmacy or start their own entrepreneurial journey should apply.
To be considered for this Internship position you should have:
‐ Completed your PharmD/M.Pharm/B.Pharmacy.
‐ Plan to pursue a career as Clinical Retail Pharmacist or open your own Pharmacy in the future.
‐ Applicants are responsible for their accommodation and transportation to and from the internship location.

 It is a paid internship with 48 hour per week work. 

Please contact Tilak Sairam GAJENDRAN @ 63036315 76 or WhatsApp me on the same number or email your resume to

We are always looking for Passionate Candidates who want to be come entrepreneurs but at the same time passionate about best outcome for the patient or customers health. We at MedAux believe that India is the Pharmacy of the World but Indians need World Class Pharmacy Services and there is a huge scope for Pharmacist in this area to give Professional services for the people of this country. 

Collaborate with MedAux Pharmacy

We at MedAux are looking at opportunities to collaborate with Hospital Pharmacy Departments as well as Retail Pharmacies across India by using our software as well as training facility to enhance the quality of their Pharmacy Operations at par with International Standards. With multilingual medication dispensing labeling and Med profile your customers or patients will have a good understanding about their medications and will appreciate your service and this will make your Pharmacy Department or Pharmacy have an upper hand in the place of practice. 

Contact us to know more at or Whatsapp us on +916303631576

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