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  • Professional Recognitions | MedAux Pharmacy

    It was an honour to present to students pursuing Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) and faculty of Vignan College of Pharmacy, Guntur, AP on Understanding the Concepts & Implement in Practice in relation to International Standards of Pharmacy Practice. MedAux Pharmacy thanks Pharmacon Society of Pharmacy Practice (PSPP) & Dept. of Pharmacy Practice at Vignan College of Pharmacy for this opportunity. It was an honour to present to students pursuing Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D) and faculty of Nirmala College of Pharmacy in Vijayawada, AP about "Pharmacy Practice & Therapeutics" . MedAux Pharmacy thanks the Principal and Staff of Nirmala College of Pharmacy along with Pharmacon Society for Pharmacy Practice (PSPP) and Findlay University USA for this opportunity. It was an honor to present to all the Delegates at 71st Indian Pharmaceutical Congress held in Chennai in 2019 on Implementing Clinical Pharmacy Practice in Retail Pharmacy in India along with other International Speakers across the world. MedAux Pharmacy thanks the organisers of the Scientific Committee of IPC and All India Drug Control Officers Confederation for honoring us and giving us this PAN India Opportunity in Uplifting the Pharmacist Profession. Its an honor to speak to the Practicing Pharmacists of Goa state as part of their Continuous Professional Development program conducted by Goa State Pharmacy Council. MedAux Pharmacy thanks CPD Division of IPA and Goa State Pharmacy Council for this opportunity. It was an honour to present to students pursuing B.Pharm, M.Pharm & Ph.D and faculty of Peoples University in Bhopal about the concepts of Strengthening Community or Retail Pharmacy Practice in India. MedAux Pharmacy thanks CPD division of IPA and Dr.Neeraj Upmanyu - Principal of School of Pharmacy, Peoples University for the opportunity. We are Thankful to Dr.Lakshmi Madam from G.Pulla Reddy College of Pharmacy for giving us the opportunity to give a lecture about the Modern and Evidence Based Retail Pharmacy Practice to students pursuing their B.Pharm, M. Pharm, and Pharm.D program as well as staff of the college. Iam very thankful to Association of Pharmacy Professionals (APP) who have chosen and awarded me as the "Best Pharmacist for this Year" based on the Services provided to the Community as a Retail Pharmacist.

  • Services & Products | MedAux Pharmacy

    Our Services MEDICATION MANAGEMENT REVIEW At MedAux we provide Professional Medication Management Review by reviewing your present medications in relation to their Present Medical Condition(s). We check for Drug-Drug Interactions, Drug - Disease Interaction, Drug - Food Interactions and Drug - Lab Values Interactions. If there are any issues we will discuss it with your doctor so that the issues could be resolved. DISPENSING PRESCRIPTION DRUGS At MedAux we get your prescription and dispense it by labelling the medications personally for the customer using MedLabel© along with Cautionary/Ancillary Labels and Counsel on those medications before we deliver the medicines to you. Studies show that when each medication consumed by the customer is labeled personally for them there are less chances of overdosing or under dosing and cautionary labels informs you about the salient information that you need to know, let it be side effects or best way to take the medicine so that the medication's functionality and compliance is 100%. We stock Ethicals and Branded Generic Medications and give our consumers the choice to choose the best brand without compromising the quality and without deviation from the doctors prescription with respect the composition of the medicine. BLOOD PRESSURE MEASUREMENT & CONSULTATION ON BP MEDICATIONS We can measure your Blood Pressure and give counseling on Blood Pressure Management with Lifestyle changes and talk to you about your Drug - Drug Interactions and Drug - Disease Interactions for the medicines that have been prescribed by your doctor. W e also recommend changes if there is any issue with your BP medications to your doctor in a Professional way after observing your measurements. Products MOTHER & BABY PRODUCTS We stock quality Mother and Baby Products.We provide you professional counselling on its usage. GENERAL HEALTH & HYGIENE PRODUCTS We store many General Health & Hygiene products in our store ranging from Nutritional Drinks, Adult Diapers, Nebulizers, Vaporizers , Blood Pressure Measuring Devices, Blood Sugar Measuring Devices etc. DIABETES MEDICATION CONSULTATION AND BLOOD SUGAR MEASUREMENT We can measure your Blood Sugar Levels and give counseling on Blood Sugar Level Management with Lifestyle changes and talk to you about your Drug - Drug Interactions and Drug - Disease Interactions for the medicines that have been prescribed by your doctor. We also recommend changes if there is any issue with your Diabetic medications to your doctor in a Professional way after observing your measurements. TOILETRIES, BEAUTY PRODUCTS & PROFESSIONAL COSMETIC PRODUCTS We have good knowledge about Cosmetic Products that are made up with Natural Ingredients and we will be able to help you out with product selection that is appropriate for your skin conditions. MULTILINGUAL DISPENSING LABELING We at MedAux have always been looking for ways to serve you better, we take this opportunity to inform that we have taken a milestone step forward to make our customers understand their medicines better with our Multilingual Labeling system for first time in India. SMOKING CESSATION PROGRAM Based on an Oral Questionnaire Testing Method which is widely used in developed countries, we derive upon a result which enables us to initiate a Smoking Cessation Treatment Program for our customers. This includes patches, gums, lozenges and based on the results of the test we initiate the program with the above. MEDICATION PROFILE © DOSEHELP SYSTEM © If our customer gets more than 4 medicines dispensed we can provide them a Medication Profile (MedProfile©) which provides them the clear information about their medications i.e. Generic or Salt Name of the medicine, Brand that they are using for the specific Generic Salt, Condition for which the medication is used, Directions for use and Special Directions with respect to that medication. This will be very useful when our customer visits a new doctor or gets hospitalized for any treatment and the hospital physician needs to know your allergies and medications that he/she is consuming in their day to day life so that they prescribe the required medication. In general MedProfile© also helps you understand your medications well. At MedAux Pharmacy, we are catering our customers who use Chronic Medications with DoseHelp System. Currently we are arranging their regular meds on Pill Boxes which has time of the day and days of the week in plastic container. We place their regular meds by arranging them for each specific day as well as time of the day. DoseHelp System helps the Elderly as well as people who have a busy life schedule to take the medication without any second reminder whether they have forgotten to take their medications for the day. Please enquire with our friendly Pharmacist to know more about the DoseHelp System. FREE HOME DELIVERY We can deliver your medicines & other general products for free between 3pm to 5pm during weekdays when you order more than Rs.500. Just call us to enquire and check if the medication is available. If yes send us your prescription via email or WhatsApp as an attachment and we will dispense it and deliver it to your home. If we don't have the stock we will procure it for you as soon as possible and deliver it again.

  • MedAux Pharmacy - Your Professional Health Partner

    MedAux™ - Your Professional Pharmacy We dispense your prescription medicines with personalized labeling along with cautionary labels and counsel on the use of medications. We are Qualified Pharmacists who practice as per International Standards Like to Know more about us LET US TAKE CARE OF YOU PERSONALISED LABELED DISPENSING (MedLabel©) / FRIENDLY AND HELPFUL STAFF /MEDICATION COUNSELING / MEDICATION PROFILE (MedProfile©) / DoseHelp Easy Dosing System © VISIT US Shop S-1, Lalitha Nilayam, Plot #270, Lahari Estates, Pragathi Nagar, Hyderabad - 500090 OPENING HOURS Mon - Fri: 9:30am - 9:30pm ​​Saturday: 9:30am - 9:30pm ​Sunday: 9:30am - 13: 30pm CLINICAL SERVICES Smoking Cessation, Body Mass Index Management, Blood pressure Screening, Diabetes Screening For more information CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE NEED ASSISTANCE? ASK A PHARMACIST Share

  • Career & Collaboration | MedAux Pharmacy

    Clinical Retail Pharmacy Internship Do you want to work or start your own Retail Pharmacy which is one of its kind in India and have passion for retail pharmacy? If so, you’re going to need the skills and relevant work experience to get your foot in the door of your journey to become an employee of MedAux Pharmacy or a proud owner of our franchise in the future. We take great pride in nurturing the up‐and‐coming Clinical Retail Pharmacist and Pharmacy Entrepreneurs of tomorrow. Through our hands‐on, six months Pharmacist Internship program, Pharmacy graduates can look forward for an opportunity to work alongside a unique retail pharmacy in India that has developed Personalised Multilingual Labelling of medications for the customers along with Professional Counseling on its usage & management and prevention of the specific medical condition. ​ EXPERIENCE YOU WILL GAIN. Unlike internships at other organizations, Pharmacist trained here will develop clinical & counselling skills which will help them understand many Community based health conditions as well as chronic medical conditions along with their treatment protocols (Within the scope of Pharmacy Practice as per PPR2015). Using our uniquely designed software they will learn developing Medication Profile Generation, Dose Help System, Labelling and learn the business of Retail Pharmacy operations. Qualifications: Only those young budding Pharmacist who are very keen in working in a retail pharmacy or start their own entrepreneurial journey should apply. To be considered for this Internship position you should have: ‐ Completed your PharmD/M.Pharm/B.Pharmacy. ‐ Plan to pursue a career as Clinical Retail Pharmacist or open your own Pharmacy in the future. ‐ Applicants are responsible for their accommodation and transportation to and from the internship location. It is a paid internship with 48 hour per week work. Please contact Tilak Sairam GAJENDRAN @ 63036315 76 or WhatsApp me on the same number or email your resume to ​ We are always looking for Passionate Candidates who want to be come entrepreneurs but at the same time passionate about best outcome for the patient or customers health. We at MedAux believe that India is the Pharmacy of the World but Indians need World Class Pharmacy Services and there is a huge scope for Pharmacist in this area to give Professional services for the people of this country. Collaborate with MedAux Pharmacy We at MedAux are looking at opportunities to collaborate with Hospital Pharmacy Departments as well as Retail Pharmacies across India by using our software as well as training facility to enhance the quality of their Pharmacy Operations at par with International Standards. With multilingual medication dispensing labeling and Med profile your customers or patients will have a good understanding about their medications and will appreciate your service and this will make your Pharmacy Department or Pharmacy have an upper hand in the place of practice. ​ Contact us to know more at or Whatsapp us on +916303631576

  • Professional Affiliations | MedAux Pharmacy

    Our Professional Affiliations MedAux Pharmacy is a member of the Special Interest Group of the Community Pharmacy Division (CPD) of Indian Pharmaceutical Association. This group is responsible for the development of Community or Retail Pharmacy standards across our country in terms of developing Advocacy with the Government with respect to the way Pharmacy Profession is practiced in India. MedAux Pharmacy works in collaboration with PharmDoctors with respect to academic upliftment of Doctor of Pharmacy along with other Pharmacy Students as well as Qualified Pharm.D Graduates & Pharmacists to understand the implementation of Clinical Pharmacy Practice in a Community or Retail Pharmacy setting.

  • Health Information | MedAux Pharmacy | Professional Pharmacy| Pragathi Nagar

    Ailments Baby Problems Cold & Cough General Conditions Men's Health Skin Care Here you can read about different type of common skin conditions that affect people in the community Supplements Vitamins Women's Health

  • Contact Us | MedAux Pharmacy

    CONTACT You can contact us any way that is convenient for you. We are available on phone or email. You can also use a quick contact form below or visit us personally. You can also leave us a feedback for improvement so that we can improve our services. We would be happy to answer your questions. Write us for any reason: Submit Thanks for submitting! Ask a pharmacist Call us at: +91-63036 31576 We’ll be happy to assist you! Or email us directly at And do come visit! Shop S-1, Lalitha Nilayam, Plot # 270, Lahari Estates, Pragathi Nagar, Hyderabad - 500 090. OPENING HOURS Mon - Sat: 09;30am - 09:30pm​ ​Sunday: 09:30am - 12:30pm

  • About us | MedAux Pharmacy

    More About Us Pharmacists at MedAux™ Pharmacy have around a decade of experience working as Community (Retail), Hospital and Clinical Pharmacist in Australia. We would like to make a difference in the way Indian Retail Pharmacy works by giving our customers their medicines with personalized labelling (MedLabel©) along with Professional Counselling on those medicines including its intended use, common expected side effects etc. At MedAux™ Pharmacy ,We do more than just fill your prescriptions—we are your partners in health and even a valuable source of information. Our Pharmacy provides a wide range of services to keep patients on the road to well-being. We strongly believe that our customers should be aware of their medicines as to why he/she has been prescribed and understand the salient precautions & common side effects they need to observe while using their medicines. At MedAux we will provide our customers with personalized labeling using MedLabel © for their medications which are as per International Standards. We also provide them Medication Profile using our MedProfile© if they are taking more than 4 medications a day. ​ We are Pharmacists who have nearly a decade of experience in Community (Retail), Clinical & Hospital setting. While we know that Doctors play a pivotal role in diagnosing and interventional procedures, Pharmacist on the other hand play a significant role in access to & appropriate use of medicines. At MedAux Pharmacy we provide necessary evidence based clinical information on medicines to our customers during the dispensing process. With years of experience in Australia we strongly believe that we have the expertise to personalize the prescribed medicines for our customers and help them understand their medicines with proper counselling. ​ ​ Tilak S GAJENDRAN Founder I am a Registered Pharmacist by profession. To my educational accomplishments I have done my B.Pharm from Tamilnadu Dr.MGR Medical University . I have also done my Post Graduate Diploma in IT from University of South Australia in Adelaide and a Masters in Health Information Management from University of Sydney. I have worked as Retail Pharmacist, Hospital Pharmacist and Clinical Pharmacist in Australia for nearly 10 years and 5 years in the field of Pharmacy Informatics in India and Australia. ​ My interests include helping our customers understand their medicines and healthcare needs and developing the profession of Pharmacy in India by helping budding young Pharmacist practice Pharmacy as per International standards. ​ Sridevi TILAK Co-Founder I am a Registered Pharmacist by profession. To my educational accomplishments I have done my B.Pharm from Tamilnadu Dr.MGR Medical University. I have also done my Post Graduate Diploma Medical Sociology from Madras Medical Mission & Hospital and a Masters in Business Administration. ​ I have worked as Retail Pharmacist, Hospital Pharmacist and Clinical Pharmacist in Australia for a period of 6 years. I have a Passion for developing the Profession of Pharmacy in India by empowering our customers with precise information with respect to their medications.

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