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A Vasectomy is the surgical interruption of the two tubes (vas deferens) that carry sperm from the testicles to the ejaculatory ducts (where the sperm is stored before leaving the body during orgasm). This prevents sperm from being ejaculated, thus preventing pregnancy.

Vasectomy is usually performed under local anaesthetic, with the operation taking about 20 minutes to perform.

It involves making one or two small cuts in the skin of the scrotum, cutting the vas deferens tube and removing a small piece from the tube if necessary. (The vas deferens is the tube through which the sperm and other components of semen move through to form the ejaculate.) The cut ends are then tied and the incision is sewn up. This procedure is then repeated on the other side.
Another technique, referred to as the no-scalpel Vasectomy, involves feeling for the vas deferens tube under the skin of the scrotum and holding it in place with a small clamp. An instrument is then used to make a small puncture in the skin and stretch the opening so the vas deferens tube can be cut and tied.

Vasectomy is unsuccessful in fewer than two in every 1000 cases.

Some herbs are not recommended in the weeks before and after surgery due to the direct effects they may have on the body and/or the possibility that they may interact with other medications. You should tell your Surgeon and/or Doctor well before surgery if you are taking ANY supplements. The American Society of anesthesiologists recommends that people stop taking herbal medicines at least two to three weeks before surgery. Ask your Surgeon and/or Doctor for advice.


• You will probably feel sore for a few days.
• You should rest for at least a day after the surgery.
• You should recover completely within 1 week.
• Complications such as swelling, bruising, inflammation and infection may occur, although they are relatively uncommon and almost never serious.
• You can resume sexual activity within a few days after a Vasectomy, but contraception should be used until your semen is free of sperm. Your semen can be tested for the presence of sperm after you have had 10-20 post-Vasectomy ejaculations.
• You should avoid strenuous activity for 3-5 days after the surgery.

Reversing Vasectomy is difficult, expensive and often unsuccessful. It is therefore important that men are counselled about the implications of having a Vasectomy.
It is important to remember that Vasectomy does not protect against sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS.

Ask your MedAux Pharmacist for advice.
1. If you are in any pain ask your Pharmacist for a suitable pain tablet.
2. Your Pharmacy stocks a full range of wound dressings.
3. A cold pack or athletic support may help relieve the pain. If you need a cold pack or athletic support, ask your Pharmacist for advice.

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